About the Studio

Dragonfly Dance is dedicated to the art of bellydance, bringing top quality bellydance instruction in Toronto that is open to creative exploration while keeping great respect for the traditional forms of the dance.  Dragonfly Studio is the most versatile in the city!   While our foundation is Oriental Raqs Sharki, composed by both Egyptian and American Oriental styles, our classes spring from a vision that is informed by the rich variety of bellydance styles, from the traditional folklore  of the Middle East to the modern developments of Bellydance fusion and the enthralling images of Bellydance fantasy.

Our view of bellydance is spiritually and creatively inspiring, free in its exploratory component, yet grounded in a deep understanding of the roots of the dance.

We celebrate diversity!  Our instructors encourage students to listen to their body and respect its wisdom, to develop their individuality and creativity while expressing themselves through the language and technique of bellydance, and to progress at their own pace.

Our aim is to assist students in the development of their full potential, share the passion for bellydance and its manifold benefits, through particular attention to excellent technique and expressiveness, while keeping the classes fun and enjoyable.

Dragonfly Dance is a unique bellydance school, forming students in traditional Egyptian Dance but also well rounded artists  knowledgeable and skilled in different international bellydance styles and both traditional and modern bellydance props.  Dragonfly is also the first and only school in Canada to offer Steampunk inspired classes as well as Oriental Bolero.

Dragonfly also provides beautiful, elegant, mesmerizing and fun bellydance entertainment, whether you look to hire a bellydancer for a wedding, birthday party, girls night out, bridal shower, corporate party or any other special occasion, Dragonfly has some of the best professional bellydancers in town.

About Us

Dragonfly Dance was founded in 2010 as a dance studio and professional bellydance school under the direction of Zahira & Ruyah.  We envisioned a welcoming, friendly, supportive, empowering and top-quality dance studio that could offer people of all ages an environment devoted to spread the love of bellydance and the knowledge of its culture, a community to share all things bellydance and a place to learn and refine our dance form as an art in all its wondrous possibilities.

We believe that bellydance can touch and change lives.  It has changed ours!  The effects of bellydance are deep and very powerful: through it, one feels expressive, beautiful and joyful, free to explore one’s own emotions and sensuality in elegant, graceful, flowing and juicy-gooey ways.  Any female or male of all shapes and sizes will benefit from this joyful dance.  It is for everyone!  Whehter you are looking to become a professional bellydance artist or if you seek bellydance for fun, fitness, and fellowship!  Dragonfly Dance is committed to provide an atmosphere of love, encouragement and acceptance where students can feel safe, creative and empowered while having the utmost fun, learning excellent technique and delving into the culture behind the dance. 

Possessing briliant technique, musicality, powerful expression, and excellence as an entertainer, Zahira is well known and respected as a leading talent and sought after instructor and performer in the Toronto bellydance community.  Both audiences and students love Zahira because she cannot help but share the intense love and joy that she feels for Middle Eastern music and bellydance.  Her passion is contagious and her classes always leave people eager for more.  

After watching her first bellydance performance in Halifax, Ruyah intensely sought to learn this art that seemed to captivate her senses; and so she met Zahira and immediately fell in love with her charisma, passion for the dance, and unique instruction and has been studying with her ever since, becoming a professional bellydancer known for her elegance, grace and gorgeous techniqud.

Together they are the founders and owners of Dragonfly Dance and leaders of the Dragonfly team.

About Dragonfly Dance