I have known Zahira for more than two years as both teacher, mentor and performer.  Her style of teaching is caring, direct, knowledgeable and above all fun. She brings to her dance a special joy of life which percolates throughout the class. In fact she sparkles as she imparts her knowledge to us: not only is she beautiful, but she is also also brilliant!

~Dr. Jacqueline Gibbons

I want to thank you for the great years that you dedicated to us.  I am so grateful and lucky to have been in your classes more than once a week, I was thinking a lot about you during the weekend at Fifi's workshops,  if I appreciate more the greatness of Egyptian dancing is because I have been learning from you from the beginning!!

I love your classes!  they challenge me a lot! But at the same time they allow me to realize that if I keep on taking them I actually do get better... so I can do it.  I love the structure that they have, the warm up, the strengthening exercises, the technique part, and the arms focused dance at the end is great.  All the advice you give us on music, rhythms and performance tips are also one of my favorite parts.

~ Itzel

Last night was amazing and I just wanted to say thank you. Dancing in front of an audience is not something I ever would have thought I could do and if not for your encouragement and great inspiration I probably never would have.  Bellydancing is the first thing I've ever had in my life that I've loved so so much and really want to hopefully become good at someday. I know that has a lot to do with you and your classes. I look forward to them each and every week. So again, thank you for being such a dedicated, caring teacher and a truly beautiful person. It is an absolute privilege to be able to learn from you.

~ Krystle

Zahira’s classes are the highlight of my week, they are never boring, always challenging, and her choreographies are beautiful to watch and to learn. I enjoyed her classes so much, I followed her to another studio. She's that good! She is a very encouraging teacher with a big, warm, and supportive smile. When you watch Zahira dance, whether on stage or in class, you realize that this is someone that was meant to perform. It is a joy to learn from such a captivating and dazzling performer.


Thank you for being such an AWESOME teacher!!!! The way you teach, move and even breath while you are performing or in class really moves me.  You really do move energy when you flow and I must say you are one of the most stunning performers I have EVER seen!  Your passion for this art and for life itself really carries through and effects people Zahira and I am just so grateful to learn with you! So just so you know, from a students perspective, I aspire to be half as great as you are one day.


Zahira is a rare find. Her friendliness, humor and enthusiasm make learning to bellydance fun, while her immense talent and passion as a professional dancer make her an inspiring role-model for students of all levels. These qualities, combined with her genuine love for teaching her craft, create a comfortable and effective atmosphere for learning.


Zahira brings to the "Art of Bellydancing" passion, grace and inspiration. Zahira's dancing is rich with movements and energy which makes the music come alive! Her classes are high energy and dynamic! Zahira's warmth and 'command of the dance' creates an atmosphere where "bellydancing" can be celebrated for its beauty as an art form.


I believe I told you before, however I have to say it again- no matter how shitty the day has been, your class ALWAYS makes me happy and I go home smiling (and if you play Sleep Isabella, or anything from Abney Park really, is adding a cherry on top) Can't wait until the next one!!


Zahira, your classes have been so inspirational to me.  Because of you, I feel like a dancer, and it is such a strong and empowering feeling.  Thank you for your teaching, and for your generosity of spirit.                                                                                     


Zahira and Ruyah:

We would like to once again Thank You for the amazing performance last night.  Everyone was really impressed and couldn't say enough wonderful things about the performance.

You really helped make our night a very memorable one.

I'm definitely recommending you to anyone that ask about who they should hire as an entertainment for their party, wedding or anything that matter.

Regards, Clara and Jerry

I have known Zahira as a bellydance teacher in Toronto over the last 8 years.  Zahira is one of the most talented dancers I have had the pleasure to work with.  She brings to her art and performance an imagination and technical genius.  I have also attended many of her public performances, where she systematically 'wows' her audiences, with brilliant choreography combined with a shared passion for the dance. (Zahira is also an intellectual who brings to her work, a deep knowledge and talent:  rare and special combinations.) 

She is a dancer who enraptures and delights.  I would recommend her to any interested client who wishes to have performance that is not only First Class but also dance that will captivate and mesmerize audiences.

~  Jacqueline A. Gibbons, PhD, (February 2012)



Hi Ruyah,

Thank you for coming to our wedding!  Your performance was fabulous and it really did make the night very special!   Thanks again for coming out and being a part of our special day! You really were fabulous and we're going to remember your contribution to our wedding for a lifetime! 

Thanks again! 

~ Paul (Groom)

When we started planning our wedding, one of the first ideas that came to mind was to hire Zahira and it was one of the best decisions we made.  She was amazing!  Just as the dinner ended, she came out with a swirl of colours, astounding everyone who was there.  Her performance was dynamic and entertaining - our guests, young and old, were fascinated by the show and they gladly joined the fun. They still tell us about what a great time they had and Zahira was a big part of making our wedding memorable, for us and our guests.

~  Robert and Teresa

Wow! You took us from Egypt to Turkey to Brazil to the Misty Mountains...various styles of bellydance call different countries their home; Dragonfly's home is the realm of the imagination. Awesome show!            

~ Tina (after the Dragonfly Showcase 2013)


To put it simply, Zahira is a fabulous belly dancer any way you slice it. Her performances are high energy, technically brilliant, musical and engaging.  As a teacher she is warm and friendly while still being demanding and effective.  I am extremely proud to have had a hand in the development of this talented professional. 

                           ~Hannan Sultan



Dear Zahira

Thank you so much for your performance at our wedding. Our guests were delighted and we have heard so much wonderful feedback. Your dancing is exquisite! As a belly dancer it was very important for me to have a belly dancer at our wedding, but we had some reservations as to how the more conservative guests would react. However, we should not have worried! Your dancing won everyone over, as it seems that every single one of our guests were mesmerized by your spectacular performance! Thank you for such a professional, beautiful and FUN show! It was a perfect start to our wedding celebration!

~ Liv (bride)