Dragonfly Bellydance

     "The Magic of Bellydance"




~ BUTTERFLY (Foundation)

Coming out of your coccoon into the BELLYDANCE world! In this level we work on your FOUNDATION! It is designed for students who are just starting on their bellydance journey or have up to 1 year of bellydance experience.  It is fun, sweaty and dancey!  In this class students learn good dance posture, isolations, basic bellydance moves, shimmies and traveling steps. Each class builds upon the last to get you from simple independent movements to fun combinations and layers. Students get in touch with their bodies in anew way using and discovering muscles, pathways and a new world of movement. Egyptian folklore and basic Arabic rhythms are introduced along with the use of veil, finger cymbals (zills) and cane. Students stay in this level a minimum of 8 months (4 sessions) and as long as 2 years. It is time to move on to the challenges of FIREFLY once the student is able to perform all the moves of this level with ease.

~ FIREFLY (Intermediate) (prerequisite: Butterfly)

This is a super exciting level! As you master the moves learned in Butterfly you will feel your movement vocabulary expanding and shining through in variety and complexity. You have become a FIREFLY! This class refines, perfects and elaborates upon the more complicated moves and isolations learned in the previous level and introduces intermediate level moves and layering. Further Arabic rhythms and musicality are introduced as well as more challenging drills and travelling steps. Special attention is given to smooth transitions, arm patterns, turns and presentation. This class is FULL of fun challenging combinations and technique drills that will keep the class dynamic and interesting. The introduction to Folklore continues and your skills with veil, cane and zills are polished, refined and expanded. Full completion of the Butterfly curriculum is required to take this class. Students stay a minimum of 8 months in this level but in general 1 - 2 years are recommended.

~ DRAGONFLY (High Intermediate) (prerequisite: Firefly)

Dragonflies symbolize transformation, self-realization, swiftness, activity, adaptability, poise and freedom! And that is exactly what this level is all about. This class covers intense multi-layered movements, complex combinations, deep muscle control, and fantastic, more challenging steps focusing on clarity and quality of movement, speed, and expression. A deeper understanding of Middle Eastern rhythms, music appreciation, bellydance history andcultural knowledge/awareness are a focal point in this class. Veil, zills and cane are all used and the arts of improvisation and choreography are introduced. The main objective of this class if to perform all the technique and combinations with a flowing quality, artistry, ease, precision and grace as the dancer stars to develop her own style. This is a challenging class! ALL the curriculum of the previous levels need to be performed with ease to be able to take this class. Students stay in this level a minimum of 2 years and can keep attending even when moving on to Advanced.

“Dragonflies are reminders that we are light/and we can reflect light in powerful ways if we choose to do so.” – Robyn Nola

~ DRAGON (Advanced / Professional / Troupe Lead Dancers)

(prerequisite: Dragonfly)

Magical, strong, enchanting and wise: Dragonsare the guardians of treasure and magical realms. This level is for the seasoned dancer, the professional performer, the advanced student or the serious hobbyist with years of experience and dedication to the art form. A minimum of 5 years of bellydance experience is required to take this class. We integrate, explore and expand in great detail all the moves that compose the language of bellydance. Physically demanding movements are taught with complex dynamics and layers while focusing on musicality, expression, understanding of Arabic culture, stage presence, texture and nuance. Students deepen their understanding, knowledge and performance of Middle Eastern Folklore and are introduced to some fusion styles. This level instructs in the creation of choreography and deepens the student's improvisational skills to ultimately form well rounded dance artists. Students can attend this class indefinitely. Veil, cane and zills are required for this class.


(Mixed Level, Experienced Firefly and up)

This is a fun and challenging exploratory class, packed withintricate footwork patterns and funky moves. It is an exciting journey through bellydance fusion and fantasy, a Dragonfly signature! including Oriental Bolero, Tango Bellydance Fusion and SteamFusions! The focus is a TRIFECTA. 1) SteamFusions: incorporating the traditional movements of bellydance, the innovative, strong and modern language of Tribal Fusion, and a good dose of Jazz all merged with the Steampunk aesthetic, music, concepts and stories. 2) Oriental Bolero: from its Spanish and Cuban origins, with deep ties to North African music as well as to some Arabic classics, this lyrical, dreamy, yet powerful and passionate style combines the Latin and the Arabic hearts by way of the internationally recognized Argentinean style of bellydance: full with intricate foot patterns, expressive and flowy movements, gorgeous turns and a wide use of the stage. 3) Fantasy: fostering a creative, experimental, open and playful enviroment, where students are encouraged to live the fantasy and magical side of bellydance at its freest: mermaids, pirates, goth creatures, literary characters are all welcome!