A bellydancer for your holiday party?  Really?  


The Winter holidays are full of sparkle, elegance,  joy, cheerfulness, rich berry tones....   So here are just a few reasons why our clients decide to have a bellydancer at a very special touch in their Holiday Party!

*  Bellydancing is a dance of CELEBRATION.  From it's roots in ancient times, bellydance is and has been a celebration of life, of family, of community, of women's natural beauty,   Enjoyed by women and men, children and seniors. The upbeat rhythms, the exhilarating sound of finger cymbals, shimmies and spins;  balancing props like swords and shamadan or ethereal ones like veil or Isis Wings will keep your audience thriving.

*  A Professional Bellydance show is GLAMOROUS!  Our costumes are exquisite works of art of the highest quality, hand made in Egypt, Turkey and Europe: luscious dripping glass fringe, swarovsky crystals that capture every single light, elegant gauntlets, yards and yards of the finest quality silks, satin, chiffon and even lace.  'Tis the seasons for glitz and sparkle!

* Belly Dance is the embodiment of ELEGANCE.  Professional bellydancers are utterly graceful and wonderfully skilled showcasing smooth, flowing movements in contrast with sharp, precise locks and exciting spins.  Bellydancers can perform polished and mesmerizing choreographies and are also trained improvisational artists, therefore we can bring artful entertainment to a grand stage with the same ease and grace as we can navigate awkward spaces, graciously handling audience members.  

*  Belly Dance is FUN, UNIQUE and gets people TALKING!  Most guests do not expect a bellydancer at a holiday party, the initial surprise quickly becomes pure joy:  the beautiful costume, the flowing veils, the polished movements, the joyous sounds....  Bellydance is intoxicating!   The crowd is quickly talking, cheering and dancing!

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