A typical solo performance involves an enthralling entrance piece with veil or Isis Wings, a variety of upbeat songs with the option of audience participation and/or elegant solo performances with use of finger cymbals, a mesmerizing central piece with a specialty prop such as cane, sword, fan veils or double veil and an exciting drum solo.

The best length for a bellydance show is twenty minutes; longer than twenty minutes is often overkill and will not be appreciated by the audience. If your event requires a longer performance please contact Dragonfly Dance for a consultation.  

Requirements for a performance are:

~  a clean private changing room that locks which is not a public washroom.

~  a sufficient dancing space (ideally 10 feet  x 10 feet or bigger) safe for bare feet.

~  a powerful CD sound system or band.

~  an accurate arrival and performance time. Our dancers are sought after performers that often have more than one event scheduled the same night.  Over half an hour grace period a charge per every 15 mins. over the time booked will be charged.

*  Please let us know in advance the name of the contact person who will take the dancer’s CD and additional props (if requested) and will direct her to the changing room as well as the phone number of the venue or event coordinator.

*  Please let us know the cultural background of the guest of honour and the majority of your guests, this will  help our artists to select the music and style.

*  If your event requires more than one dancer please contact Dragonfly Bellydance.

*  Charge is per service.  This is regardless of the dancer being hired to dance for 5 minutes or 30 minutes.

*  Bellydance is a respected art form.  Disrespectful behaviour will not be tolerated.  ABSOLUTELY NO bachelor parties or any all-male audiences.

*  Contact Dragonfly for further details or if you have any more questions.

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