Level 1/ Beginner Bellydance: is an introductory class and the foundational level for students who are new to bellydance.  It is fun, sweaty and dancey!  In this class students learn good dance posture, basic isolations, basic bellydance moves and traveling steps.  Get ready to get in touch with your body in a new way using and discovering muscles that may have never been used before.  The use of the veil is introduced in this level.  Students stay in this level a minimum of four months (2 sessions) but 6 months are recommended (students advance at their own pace, staying in Beginner from 6 months up to 1 year is possible).

Level 2 / Beyond Beginner Bellydance: introduces more challenging isolations, explores more complicated basic bellydance movements and refines, combines and layers the fundamentals from the previous level with shimmies and footwork.  Egyptian folklore and basic Arabic rhythms are introduced along with the use of finger cymbals (zills) and cane.  Veil continues to be taught.  Students stay in this level a minimum of 8 months (4 sessions) and as long as 2 years.  It is time to move on to the challenges of Intermediate once the student is able to perform all the moves of this level with ease.

Level 3 / Starting Intermediate Bellydance: refines, perfects and elaborates upon the more complicated moves and isolations learned in Level 2 and introduces intermediate level moves and layering.  Further Arabic rhythms and musicality are introduced as well as more challenging strengthening exercises.  Special attention is given to smooth transitions and arm patterns.  This level is full of fun combinations and technique drills that will keep the class fun, dynamic and challenging.  The introduction to Folklore continues.  A complete knowledge of the Beyond Beginner curriculum is required to take this class.  Students stay a minimum of 8 months but in general 1 - 2 years are recommendable.  (Veil, cane and zills are required for this class).

Level 4 / Full wave Intermediate:  covers intense multi-layered movements, complex combinations, deep muscle control, and fantastic, more challenging steps focusing on clarity and quality of movement, speed, and expression.  A further understanding of Middle Eastern rhythms, music appreciation and cultural knowledge and awareness are also a focus for this class.  Veil, zills and cane are used in this class and the arts of improvisation and choreography are introduced.  The main objective of this class is to perform all the technique and combinations with a flowing quality, artistry, ease and grace as the dancer starts to develop her own style.  This is a challenging class, all the curriculum of the previous level needs to be done with ease before moving to Level 4.  Students stay in Full Wave Intermediate a minimum of 2 years and can keep attending even when moving on to Advanced.  (Veil, cane and zills are required for this class).

Level 5 / Advanced integrates, explores, and expands in great detail all the moves that compose the language of bellydance.  Physically demanding movements are taught with complex dynamics and layers while focusing on musicality, expression, understanding of Arabic culture and stage presence.  Students deepen their understanding, knowledge and performance of Middle Eastern Folklore and are introduced to fusion styles.  This level instructs in the creation of choreography and deepens the student’s improvisational skills to ultimately form quality dance artists.  Students can attend this class indefinitely.   Veil, cane and zills are required for this class.   Students must have completed Dragonfly's Intermediate 2 level to attend this class.  *This class is not available for drop - ins.*

IMPORTANT  NOTE:  Registration is non refundable.  Registration may be transferred to another person with previous consultation and approval from management.  There are no extensions on classes beyond the end of the session, however, missed classes can be made up by dropping in another class during the same session as long as that class is not full.

Bellydance Classes