Class Descriptions

Specialty, Fusion  & Multilevel Classes

*   Please note that these classes are meant as an addition and expansion to the foundational bellydance training, they are not meant to be a substitute for any of the level classes.

IMPORTANT  NOTE:  Registration is non refundable.  Registration may be transferred to another person with previous consultation and approval from management.  There are no extensions on classes beyond the end of the session, however, missed classes can be made up by dropping in another class during the same session as long as that class is not full.

OTHER CLASSES not offered at the moment:

Honing your Craft

Work on specifics every session!  Become a polished, deeply knowledgeable, well rounded dancer!  This class goes on a rotating schedule focusing on a specific topic each session.  Topics will range from rhythms, culture, folklore knowledge with technique and combos, to how to create choreography, developing improv skills, polishing touches (arms, hands, transitions and lines), mastering turns and spins, etc.  This is a multilevel class, a minimum of experienced Level 2 skills is required to take this class, intermediate is recommended.  

Tribal Fusion

Tribal Fusion is a modern day version of Bellydance.  In this class we will use traditional bellydance movements and fuse them with elements of Indian, Flamenco, North African and a dash of Hip Hop.  We will work on precise muscle isolations, layering techniques, and snake-like fluid movement integrated in funky combinations.  Fully completed level 2 experience is recommended.  

Cardio Shimmy

Cardio Shimmy is a fun workout open to all levels. This class starts with a half hour of shimmy drills and fast traveling steps to turbo charge your drum solo skills and burn calories. This is followed by core strengthening exercises and delicious stretches.

Yoga for Dancers

This class is suitable for all levels.  Yoga for Dancers focuses on opening up and strengthening up the parts of your body required to improve your technique and performance.  The first half of the class focuses more on dynamic heating postures including standing/balance poses, core and upper body strengthening work.  The second half will focus more on lengthening muscles and improving flexibility and joint mobility.  Breath work while moving will be emphasized.


Students learn a full choreography in the 8-week session that can be added to any repertoire.  This class offers an opportunity to focus on one song at a time as well as put together the skills learned in the level classes in a larger and ongoing project.  Students will benefit from learning new combinations, how to dance to specific rhythms and instruments as well as the process of creating choreography.   Minimum of fully completed Level 2 skills are required for this class.


This class focuses on deepening the student's knowledge of a variety of Middle Eastern and North African Folklore styles that informed and enriched the bellydance vocabulary, involving cultural and musical appreciation.  Students acquire dance skills that will soften and enhance their technique, as it will open to them the kaleidoscopic possibilities of each move when performed in different regional styles.  Every Folklore dance has its unique character, movement vocabulary, environment and many other features.  Folklore is fun and expressive and it is a return to bellydance's origins!

Turkish Rom

Learn how to dance the Turkish Roma style, to listen to and understand the Havasi rhythm and explore the character of Turkish Toma dancing!   This is a multilevel class designed to meet both beginners' and advanced dancer's interests; students will learn a bunch of combinations that can be used in the traditional Roma improvisation as well as in a possible choreography.  This class focuses on the character of Turkish Roma dancing, the understanding and internalizing of the rhythm of Havasi music, the use of the hips while doing the traditional Turkish Roma steps, typical Roma dancing gestures and the nuances of solo dancing.

SteamFusions & movement

This is a dance and movement class: fun, dancey and sweaty.  Participants do not require previous bellydance experience and is also suitable for Beginner 1 and Beyond Beginner students (Level 1 and 2).  Classes are a mix of cardio, bellydance inspired technique, general dance skills and strengthening exercises.  It is an introduction to our SteamFusions style while at the same time developing the student's coordination, rhythm, footwork, body awareness and basic dance skills.

Dynamic Drills & Lofty Layers

Offers an hour long intense workout, multilevel bellydance class focusing on refining technique and mastering complex-mind teaser drills, multi-layers and deep muscle control.  This class is catered to students who wish to focus on 'just technique' as a part of their training while getting a focused workout that will condition and strengthen the key muscles used in bellydance.

BELLYFIT!  Moving women!

Bellyfit is the holistic fitness experience for women that blends the power and wisdom of ancient cultures with the research, technology and trends of the modern world.  Designed exclusively for the female body, mind and spirit, Bellyfit offers a full body, full of spirit, extraordinary exercise experience in a safe, effective, intelligent group fitness format guaranteed to satisfy women's desire to feel beautiful, strong and healthy.  In the first half hour of the class, buen mega calories, relieve stress and get the sweat flowing with fun, easy to learn cardio moves infused with the ancient and beautiful fundamentals of Belly Dance, Bollywood and African Dance.  During th second half of the class, enjoy sculpting, tonigng and tightening with Pilates inspired core work, a deep yet relaxing Yoga inspired stretch and mindful Mudra Meditation.  *Bring RUNNING shoes for this class!*

Goth Bellydance

Raks Gothique style bellydance with Lisa! This fusion form combines traditional cabaret styles, with tribal fusion and fantasy elements.  Relying heavily on the music genre and aesthetics of the gothic subculture style, we are able to mesh dance and gothic music together.  Lisa will teach her signature style; slow gooey movements, stage presence, the power of the payse, popping and locking, the femme fatale and Strega embodiment.  Previous bellydance experience is necessary.


This is Zahira's and the Dragonettes' own experimental play-ground!  An exploratory  class that uses the traditional movements of bellydance, the innovative, strong and modern language of Tribal Fusion, and a good dose of Jazz merged with the concepts and music of Steampunk in a creative and experimental environment, where students are encouraged to live the fantasy and magical side of bellydance at is freest.  Not for the faint of heart!  This is a challenging class not suitable for beginners since the fundamental and intermediate bellydance technique is not broken down in this class.   A minimum of solid Intermediate bellydance skills is required  (students are expected to perform with ease all the Beyond Beginner and all the Intermediate curriculums including moves such as - but not only - jewel, omi, maya and reverse maya, hip circles, one hip circles, walking undulations, walking circles, walking twist, walking jewel, level changes, Suhair Zaki walk, swoopie turns, corkscrew turns, arabesques and complex layering).

Oriental Bolero /Bolero Árabe

From its Spanish and Cuban origins, and with deep ties to North African music, the rhythm and feeling of Bolero were introduced into Arabic-bellydance music in the early 20th century by innovative Arabic composers such as Mohammed Abdel Wahab and has been called "Rumba Misriya" or "Arabic Rumba".  The music is melodic and dreamy which gives Bolero a very smooth, lyrical yet powerful, passionate and romantic look with the spice & strength typical of Argentinian Tango, Latin dances and Flamenco.  Students will learn the culture behind the style, intricate foot patterns, as well as expressive and flowy movements that characterize Bellydance Bolero.  In this class we explore the internationally recognized Argentinean Style.  This is not a beginner class, a minimum of fully completed comfortable Level 2 skills is required to take this class but intermediate is recommended.   Dragonfly is the ONLY studio in the city to offer a class fully dedicated to this beautiful fusion hailing from the Argentinian bellydance style.


This is a fun class where students can further their ability in the use of the props involved in bellydance.  Students will acquired intensive training in the use of these props by focusing on one or two props at a time for each session.   A minimum of Level 2 skills is required to take this class.  Props covered include veil, double veil, cane, double cane, finger cymbals, sword, shamadan, Isis Wings, Fan Veils and tray.