Private  Lessons

Private Lessons offer a great way to get one-on-one personalized feedback, achieve personal goals, work on specific technique that the student may require to dedicate additional attention, and refine and polish performance and choreography skills.

Their purpose is to supplement regular group lessons. 

Private lessons are available with any of our instructors by appointment.

*  Private Classes with Zahira are $90/hr.

*  Semi-privates with Zahira are

     ~ $45 each for 2 people

     ~ $40 each for 3 people

     ~ $35 each for 4 people

*  Private Classes with all other instructors $75/hr.

*  Semi-privates with all other instructors are:

     ~ $40 each for 2 people

     ~ $35 each for 3 people

     ~ $30 each for 4 people

Packages of 3, 6 or 9 private classes can be purchased and special discounts apply.  (All prices +hst)

* Package of 3 privates with Zahira:   $250

* Package of 3 privates with Dragonfly instructor: $210

* Package of 6 privates with Zahira:   $480

* Package of 6 privates with Dragonfly instructor:  $390

* Package of 9 privates with Zahira:   $670

* Package of 9 privates with Dragonfly instructor:  $540

To book a private lesson please contact us.


Comission an original choreography just for you!

Zahira is a brilliant choreographer known for creating works of art that are interesting, intricate, engaging, soulful, fun and exciting.

Pre-Choreography Consultation ~ FREE

This is a brief meeting with the dancer to discuss the dancer's style, choreography expectations, choice of movement, skill level, vision, etc.   This provides a clear vision of what the dancer wants so the custom choreography can be carefully tailored and the finished work will not only include Zahira's expertise but will also be characteristic of the dancer.

*  Choreography Fee (Zahira):   $75 per minute of choreography

*  Teaching and Coaching Fee (Zahira):    $70 per hour

*   Choreography Fee with Dragonfly instructors:  

                $55 per minute of choreography

*   Teaching and Coaching Fee with Dragonfly instructors

                $60 per hour

To request a Custom Choreography or for Group

Choreographies please contact us.

MUSIC EDITING SERVICE:  we can edit your music

(make a track shorter, add an introduction, edit 2 or more songs seemlessly).  Fee: $25 /hr (+hst).


Have Zahira assess your skills for level placement, including technique, props, and general bellydance knowledge:

A 30 min appointment:  $50

Zahira can watch your performance (in person or through video) and provide extensive written feedback on that particular performance including technique, abilities, skills, stage presence, musicality, interaction and more.  

For a single song feedback:  $50

If you would like Zahira to attend your gig and provide written feedback and a brief in person chat about the performance:  $100

To book skills assessment or performance feedback please contact us.

*  STUDIO POLICY: There are absolutely no refunds under any circumstances.  Registration is non refundable (this includes private lessons and choreogaphy creation registration.  Registration may be transferred to another person with previous consultation and approval from management (session registration must be applied to the same session for which they were purchased).  Private lessons booked with one teacher may be changed to another teacher if the original instructor is no longer available.  There are absolutely no extensions on classes beyond the end of the session for which they were purchased, however, missed classes can be made up by dropping in another class during the same session as long as that class in not full.