Professional Bellydance Education

Dragonfly offers strong opportunities for those students looking to pursue bellydance in its highest, professional level.  

The TWO most important avenues offered at the studio are:


They are both open for students who have proven their dedication, passion and have acquired an advanced level in their dance.  To become a professional dancer is a privilege, a right and a responsibility for our advanced students who have earned these through dedication, passion and skill, who have acquired the level to be able to teach others responsibly and to represent the dance form in professional performances.  

Dragonfly Student Troupe is the platform where students perfect their skills and acquire experience in performing in a group setting; it is the platform from which great dancers who are interested and commited to become professionals are eventually invited to the Company and/or the Mentorship Program.  

Dragonfly Dance Company works with highly skilled dancers, the most versatile in the city,  to create professional theatrical productions.  The dancers in the Company may or may not want to be soloists, may or may not want to become teachers.  Dragonfly's unique and personalized Mentorship Program works with those who want to become one, the other or both.  It provides professional bellydance education and development.  


Dragonfly's mentorship program offers the most complete training for Advanced dancers to take the step into professionalization.  We are,  proudly,  the studio with the highest standards, and the most versatile in the city.

This advanced and progressive program was carefully developed by Zahira over years of Middle Eastern Dance and bellydance training and teaching combined with her extensive knowledge of  teacher training  in general and dance teacher training in particular.

The Mentorship is structured through 3 modules and 3 general sections:  

~  History & Cultural Background  

      (From origins to the present time, from East to West and

       everything in between)

~  Becoming a Teacher

~  Becoming a Professional Bellydancer

The full curriculum is vast, versatile and aimed to form well rounded professional dancers, effective, capable and knowledgeable teachers and fantastic performers.  

The program includes a myriad of necessary topics, activities and practices to enrich the aspiring professional's knowledge, abilities and skills including but not limited to:

~  history and cultural background

~  etiquette and ethics of teaching and performing professionally

~  musicality

~  costuming and aesthetics

~  music and performance analysis

~  developing an educated eye  

~  discussion of articles relevant to bellydance (history / cultural studies / styles/

    cultural knowledge / biographies / etc)

~  observation and discussion of videos

~  creating and polishing a professional performance set

~  Improvisation (to recorded and live music)

~  performing in diverse settings

~  advanced music interpretation and artistry

~  how to plan and structure a class

~  class elements, class environment, safety

~  how to create a curriculum

~  different teaching and learning styles

~  mastering technique and emotion;  Middle Eastern rhythms and zills; stage presence and nuance; art, performance and entertainment.

~  the biz of bellydance

Among many others!  All through one-on-one mentoring directly from Zahira.

The Mentorship is by invitation only



Unlike many "professional" and "teaching training" programs out there that accept just about anyone regardless of skill level or training background, the Mentorship program is not a course that promises to make you a teacher in a weekend.   To be a teacher requires knowledge, dedication and a high level that cannot be acquired in the span of a weekend.  Any student seeking to learn bellydance should be trained and guided through this path by a qualified highly trained teacher and not by a 'weekend wonder' or an intermediate dancer with noble intentions but lacking the knowledge, level and experience necessary to teach others.   A similar issue applies to professional bellydancers.  

It is a common trap "noviceā€ -usually intermediate- dancers hit a point where they start to get good for their level, moreover they may even hear from friends and people that they're good and should be teaching or performing professionally and they start to believe their own hype.   Unfortunately,  there are many 'teachers' and dancers in Toronto, in Canada and in the world who go out to the professional market without being ready, hurting not only their own training and image but also the very art form that they claim to love and respect.    The intentions may be good and noble but the actual experience isn't there.  It takes years of experience to really be ready.

As a teacher, one has a huge responsibility to the students who place their confidence in you;  as a performer one has a huge responsibility representing the art form to the audience.


We form well rounded professionals who are an asset to the dance, who represent the dance with integrity,  respect, and the highest quality.  Like any other profession, it requires commitment, years of experience, dedication and deep knowledge.


The Mentorship is by invitation only.   The natural invitees are expected to have been part of Dragonfly Student Troupe for a period of time, excel in Dragonfly's Advanced class and be completely familiar with Dragonfly's curriculum.  

If you are interested in being mentored through Dragonfly's program and if you want to become a professional bellydancer, we recommend you talk directly to us about your goals and your bellydance history.