*  The Benefits of Bellydance can be enjoyed by people of all ages, shapes, fitness levels, gender and backgrounds.

*  The movements involved in bellydance work with the body instead of against it, being based on movements that come naturally, increasing body awareness and bringing a wealth of health benefits.

*  It improves posture, reliefs back and joint pains, tones muscles, increases strength and aids in weight loss and digestion while being a low impact form of exercise that works throughout the body.

*  This beautiful dance form brings vitality, health, relieves stress & boosts self-steem.  

*  It brings grace and balance, it is a live dance, culturally rich, with strong roots and tradition yet modern and in dynamic flux.  It is beautifully empowering and it is utterly FUN.

What do we offer:

*  The best team of professional bellydance instructors in Toronto.

*  The richest variety of bellydance classes!   Over 20 classes a week with lots of options for the absolute beginner as well as for the seasoned dancer.

*  A gorgeous facility with 2 studios, beautifully decorated, lounge area, changerooms and boutique that carries all what the bellydance enthusiast needs: accesories, class wear, hip-scarves, props and even hand-made jewelry and body products.  

*  A place where people can learn to bellydance, meet new friends, have fun and feel comfortable.  New students are welcome at any point during the session.

*  Dragonfly is a professional bellydance school that features well-trained professional instructors, progressive teaching methods, a welcoming and encouraging atmosphere, and a beautiful facility.

*  Our bellydance academy provides formal training for the serious dance student who wishes to become a professional Bellydance artist as well as a fun, comfortable and nurturing environment for recreational dancers who wish to learn the basics and look to bellydance as a hobby or a fitness alternative.

*  We have developed a tested and progressive bellydance curriculum through which students can learn the technique and skills, cultural and musical knowledge, nuance and styles needed to become a well rounded Middle Eastern and bellydance artist.

*  We celebrate diversity.  We offer traditional bellydance and Middle Eastern Folore as well as modern bellydance, diverse types of fusion (Steampunk Bellydance, Gothic Bellydance, Oriental Bolero and Tribal Fusion) as well as fitness classes (Bellyfit and Yoga for dancers).

*  At Dragonfly studio and academy our students can both expand their knowledge of bellydance in its traditional forms and incorporate artistic fusion and creative innovation.

*  It is incumbent to our teachers to always act responsibly and with the student's interest and safety in mind.  Each person's needs and goals are considered important and vital to their well-being.

Why Bellydance?