Dragonfly Dance Company

Dragonfly Dance Company was formed in 2014 by "partners in crime" Zahira & Ruyah.  It is composed by professional bellydance artists highly skilled in a wide range of Middle Eastern dance and bellydance styles.

Dragonfly Dance Company is dedicated to presenting unique, artistic, avant-garde full length stage productions in Toronto that are open to creative exploration while keeping great respect for the traditional forms of the dance.

The focus of the company -as it has been since the foundation of Dragonfly Bellydance Studio- is versatile.  While our foundation is Oriental Raqs Sharqi, composed by both Egyptian and International Oriental styles, our vision is open to the exploration of the richness and diversity of the language of movement that is bellydance in all its forms, styles, derivations and relations: from the traditional rich folklore variety of the Middle East to the modern developments of Bellydance fusion and the enthralling images of Bellydance fantasy.

Our view of bellydance is spiritually and creatively inspiring, free in its exploratory component, yet grounded in a deep understanding of the roots of the dance, celebrating art and imagination, the experience of life, and the enormous, universal range of human emotion expressed through the unique movement vocabulary of bellydance, affirming bellydance as an art form on its own merit and an artistic language of expression, through which the dancer and the choreographer, in a cohesive unity of individual and unique artists, explores music, rhythm, culture, imagination, her own sensitivity and ultimately, the experience of life through movement.

"LUMINESCENCE"   - Oct 8 - 11, 2015,  Alumnae Theatre

Luminescence refers to a very specific creation of light, it is beautiful, mesmerizing… can be dangerous and deadly, it exists in nature and it can be created, it changes with the seasons, it pertains to the material and the soulful.

Our “Luminescence” is an aura of light, in multiple dimensions:  the light of the soul, the life force that radiates a variety of colors attached to emotions and experiences, originating from human nature.

"Luminescence" was Dragonfly Dance Company's debut production.  It is a journey of color and music showcasing a range of human emotions, from elated to suffering, from celebration to tragedy and back again through the language of movement derived from the culturally rich Middle Eastern dance genre set to both traditional Middle Eastern music as well as modern western music, in ways that are unique to Dragonfly.  

With original choreography by Zahira; with guest choreographers  Ruyah, Lisa Webb and Anuka, input by Dragonfly Dance Company members.     7 lead dancers and 13 guest & accompanying



    Company Members



Dragonfly Dance Company presents:

"ALCHEMY: An Anthology of Steampunk Stories"

November 10 - 12,  2017

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