The Art of Bellydance with Sword" with Zahira

JULY 22,  2 - 4 pm

Learn to dance with a sword or bring your skills up a notch with this workshop from Toronto's own sword dancer extraordinaire!

Learn how to wield and dance with the sword like a warrior princess!

~ Proper presentation of the sword

~ Walking and travelling moves for sword dancing

~ Balancing in different parts of the body

~ Creating the an engaging and exciting atmosphere: creating anticipation, drawing the audience, connecting with the sword.

~ Sword floorwork

~ Poses and transitions

We will put together the skills learned above in a beautiful sword choreography!

Intermediate Bellydance skills are highly recommended to take this workshop.

Please bring your own sword or ask us directly if you need to borrow a sword for the workshop.

$40 in Advanced (no HST until July 15)

$50 at the door (Space permitting)                    




"WEAVING POETRY:  Beautiful Arms, Hands and Toes" with Zahira

AUG 5,  2 - 4 pm

As frames or as the main focus of a piece, arms and hands

are AS important as all bellydance steps, moves and technique.

You DANCE with your arms and hands; they can be

deliciously expressive and can make or break a piece.


In this workshop you will learn:

* how to create energy, strength, intention and expressiveness:

dancing with your arms and hands in a way that looks

effortless, natural and interesting.

* explore the connections between arms, head, breath,

expressiveness and technique to go beyond drills and

combinations to true dance artistry.

* create smooth transitions between arm moves, arm

frames and arm paths in a way that makes transitions an

expressive and fun part of the dance that has all the potential

of bringing up your own dancer –personality

* use your breath and energy to bring fluidity, radiating

beauty within and without.

* how to create beautiful lines with your body using the strength and expressiveness of your arms, finger tips, legs and toes.

* exercises for better pointed toes.

Be inspired and amazed!   Weave poetry with your arms and create an eloquent, moving painting withyour whole body!

$40 in Advanced (no HST until July 29th)

$50 at the door (space permitting)


"THRILLS with ZILLS"  with Zahira

JULY 22,  4:15 - 6:15 pm

Every bellydancer should know how to play finger cymbals (aka zills, sagat, or krotala)!

Finger cymbals have been the quintessential accompaniment of bellydancers from "time immemorial".

With the oldest samples found dating from 200 BC, the finger cymbals and our dance have a long loving history!

The joy, musicality and richness that zills bring to a performance is incomparable!  They add a rich musical layer and bring a smile to any audience.

In this workshop you will learn:

* how to create different sounds

* specific Arabic rhythms

* a variety of basic through advanced zill patterns to apply to almost any song

* a variety of beautiful combinations with the zills:  hipwork, footwork, gestures

Make friends with your zills!

$40 in Advance,  (no hst until July 15th)

$50 at the door (space permitting)                    


    REGISTER FOR ZILLS ONLY                                   

           SOLD OUT!

Thank you!