Workshop Weekend

MARCH  9 - 11,  2018

Dragonfly is delighted to host Argentinean bellydance artist extraordinaire  Oscar Flores  in Toronto for a  weekend of workshops and a stellar show!

3 days!

10 hrs of instruction!

Workshop Schedule:


~  Friday workshop at Dragonfly Studio

~  Saturday and Sunday workshops at George Brown College

    Casa Loma Campus

SATURDAY MARCH 10th, 11 - 1 pm (2 hrs)

Baladi Argentinean Style:   A Bellydance style of Argentina!  It is different from the traditional Egyptian Baladi; using many steps in a different time:  fancy footwork, surprising accents, passionate feeling.  The home of innumerable immigrants from the Middle East,  Argentina has given to the world of bellydance a particular style and a wealth of musical compositions that organically and brilliantly blend the Arabic and the Latin heart.  Baladis are the perfect example of this, learn to dance them with the Argentinean style!  

SATURDAY MARCH 10th, 2 - 4 pm  (2 hrs)

Mesmerizing Veil:  One of the topics he is most famous for, Oscar will share his secrets to create elegance, mystery and smoothness with this beautiful element.  All put together in dynamic sequences and fluid choreography.  

SUNDAY  MARCH  11th, 11 - 1 pm  (2 hrs)

OrientalTango:   Seduction, mystery and drama.  An exquisite fusion of tango with oriental dance.

SUNDAY  MARCH  11th, 2 - 4 pm  (2 hrs)

Fan Veils:  Magic, love and emotion in an element that will give you wings to interpret a new form of choreography.


FRIDAY  MARCH 9th,   7 - 9 pm (2 hrs)   ONLY 10 spots!


This workshop will be held at Dragonfly Studio.

Oscar Flores Fusion:   Oscar's own vision of a modern and urban fusion inspired by Tribal Fusion.



FULL PACKAGE ~ Friday, Saturday & Sunday, all 5 workshops (10 hrs)

ONLY 10 spots   $389 (+hst)  SOLD OUT

WEEKEND PACKAGE ~ Saturday and Sunday workshops (8 hrs)

$299 (+hst)  Total $337.87  EARLY BIRD, until Dec 15.

$349 (+hst)  Total  $394.37  Regular price

SINGLE DAY   ~ $180  (+hst) Total $203.40

SINGLE WORKSHOP ~ $115 (+hst) Total $129.95

Payment can be made via the following methods:

~  E-transfer to dragonflybellydance@gmail.com (preferred method)

~  in person at our studio location  (cash, debit, cheque, credit)

~ over the phone by credit card

~  via Paypal below ($10 paypal fee applies)



7:30 pm

George Ignatieff Theatre



Oscar Flores was born in the South of Patagonia,  Argentina where his artistic career was started at an early age in scenic arts.  He directed his first musical comedy at age 17.

Parallel to his career in theatre, Oscar started his dance journey taking Flamenco and in 1996 he became a dance member of the Arabic Community of Comodoro Rivadavia, where he created the Ballet Al Nadym of Oriental Dance and an Orchestra of Arabic music affiliated with the dance company and with the same name with which he travelled throughout Argentina.

In 2003 he moved to Buenos Aires were he was a member of Amir Thaleb's company.   A few years later he started his own path and opened his own Studio of Oriental Dance, Fusion and Musical Comedy in Buenos Aires producing his own shows and becoming a very broad and versatile artist.  

Oscar has worked as a model, actor and dancer.  

His innovative work and signature style has brought him to international stages all over the world, from South America to Europe and Asia.   He is often a featured instructor and performer in international Festivals as well as a judge in renown competitions.  

Oscar Flores is one of the most sought after performers and instructors in the world today and one of the finest examples of the Argentinean style, yet with a uniqueness and individuality that set him apart and make him a true artist of the dance.

Notes and Policies:

~  All prices are in Canadian dollars.   All prices are plus hst.

~  If paying by Paypal, a $10 paypal fee applies to workshop registrations.  Payment through any other method does not incur extra fees.  

~  All sales are final including ticket sales, full payments and deposits.  

~  Registration for workshops is non refundable.  Full registration can be transferred to a different person in extreme and special circumstances only with previous consultation and approval from management.  Registration cannot be transferred to a different event neither can it be carried as a credit.  

~  Venue locations are subject to change at the discretion of the organizers, if necessary.