Carolina had been enthralled by the beauty of oriental dancing for years, and began formal instruction in the summer of 2003.  She constantly trains with Zahira and she has studied intensively with Mayada, where she has broadened her knowledge of Brazilian and Latin dancing, as well as Egyptian Oriental and Folkloric Dance. She also had the pleasure to study with Hannan Sultan for several years, and has taken classes with Roula Said, Denise Mireau, and other Toronto teachers. 

Carolina has taken workshops and classes with world-class instructors (Aziza, Aida Nour, Tito, Jillina, Hadia, Nath Keo). She was a founding member of Banat el Sharq and Cairo ala Nar. Over the years, Carolina has explored Oriental Dance, Brazilian Dance, Latin Dance, yoga and fitness. These experiences led her to explore fusion dancing such as samba-belly dance. She has been an active member of Mirage for several years and performs regularly with Mirage, Dragonfly larger productions, and is a member of the  Dragonfly’s Steampunk Ensemble, The Dragonettes, as well as a lead dancer in Dragonfly Dance Company.

Guest Faculty


Tatiana is a Tribal Fusion Bellydancer.  She teaches and performs across the GTA and has been featured as a guest instructor at the International BellyDance Conference of Canada.  Tatiana is a Level 2 certified from Suhaila Salimpour School of Dance and a recent graduate from ATS teacher training program.  

Tatiana is a life long dancer.  From the age of 5 she received extensive training in classical Ballet, Russian, Gypsy, and Ukranian folklore styles, but then discovered Bellydance, and never looked back.   Today she continues to study at the Dark Side studio under the direction of Audra Simmons.

In addition to Tribal Fusion, Tatiana has been performing traditional forms of Bellydance and appeared on the cover of Shimmy Magazine as a member of the renown  Arabesque Dance Company that she worked with for 6 years.  

Aside from dance, Tatiana holds a university degree in Computer Science and Statistics and balances her love for dance with a full time career in Financial Services.  In her spare time Tatiana designs and creates new costumes and jewelry.