Dragonfly Bellydance

"The Magic of Bellydance"

Why Bellydance?


Benefits of Bellydance


* The Benefits of Bellydance can be enjoyed by people of all ages, shapes, fitness levels, gender and backgrounds.

*  The movements involved in bellydance work with the body instead of against it, being based on movements that come naturally, increasing body awareness and bringing a wealth of health benefits: It improves posture, reliefs back and joint pains and may help relief PMS, tones muscles, increases strength and aids in weight loss and digestion while being a low impact form of exercise that works throughout the body.

*  This beautiful dance form brings vitality, health, relieves stress and boosts self-steem.  

*  Through this dance you can attain grace and balance.

* It is a live dance, culturally rich, with strong roots & tradition yet modern, and in constant dynamic flux.  

* It is beautifully empowering and it is utterly FUN.


Why Dragonfly?


*  We offer a select and rich variety of bellydance courses online, with a caring, engaging and knowledgeable instructor! 

* Specialized, top notch training for the absolute beginner as well as for the seasoned dancer.

*  Dragonfly is an established, well known bellydance school that is recognized for its quality of instruction, progressive teaching methods, a solid comprehensive curriculum, and fantastic inspiring classes in a welcoming and encouraging atmosphere.