Dragonfly Bellydance

Online Courses


COVID-19 Measures, Guidelines, & Regulations for physical/in-studio classes


PLEASE READ Carefully & Fully prior to attending physical classes.


*  Extended & deeper cleaning measures in the studio space are in place.

*  Reduced class sizes to keep a safe distance of 6 ft between participants.  (Max. 10 students)

*  Your instructor will be wearing a transparent face shield to heighten safety for her and for all participants, while also allowing her to teach the class properly.

*  Hand sanitizer will be available for students to sanitize their hands before and after class.


*  PROOF OF VACCINATION:  As of September 22, 2021, proof of being fully vaccinated / vaccine receipt is required to access certain indoor settings such as gyms, fitness centres, dance studios and other recreational indoor sports and physical activities.  A government issued ID is also required along with your proof of vaccination.

If you do not have your vaccine receipt you won't be able to take part in any in-person classes offered by Dragonfly until we receive a different guideline from the Province.  HOWEVER, you are always welcome to join our Online classes and courses.

*  Everyone must wear masks in all CORRIDORS, ENTRANCES, BATHROOMS and the building in general.

*  All students must sanitize their hands upon entry and when class finishes (hand sanitizer will be provided).

*  Masks or face shields are encouraged during class, but not mandatory.  If necessary Zahira will organize the class in a way that all those with masks are on one side of the room and those without masks on the opposite side.

*  Zahira will be wearing a transparent face shield to heighten safety for her and for all participants.

*  Reduced class sizes will allow for participants to maintain 6 feet of space; while bellydance includes a bit of traveling moves, please make sure that you keep your distance from other participants.

*  Lingering in the halls before or after events is not permitted.  Please arrive as close to class time and leave right after.  If you would like to socialize with your dance friends, we kindly ask that you do this outside Trinity St. Paul to better care for everyone during this time.

*  No food or drink is allowed in the building (personal water bottles can be used during class).

*  A COVID19 liability form must be filled at the beginning of the session by every student taking part in physical classes.  

*  By requirement of Trinity St. Paul, there will be a mandatory sign-in form for every class including an email address or phone number. This information will be sealed in an envelope, the back signed and dated and registered with the front desk at the end of every event. Information will remain sealed unless required by public health in the event of an outbreak. Envelopes will be shredded three weeks after the event/class.